API Reference

usage: video_preprocessing [-h] [-j JSON] [--json_dir JSON_DIR]
                           [--video VIDEO] [--output_name OUTPUT_NAME]
                           [--video_dir VIDEO_DIR]
                           [--video_suffix VIDEO_SUFFIX]
                           [--output_dir OUTPUT_DIR]
                           [--output_bitrate OUTPUT_BITRATE]
                           [--output_file_format OUTPUT_FILE_FORMAT]
                           [--to_black_white] [--brightness BRIGHTNESS]
                           [--output_fps OUTPUT_FPS] [--contrast CONTRAST]
                           [--overwrite] [--verbose]

Named Arguments

-j, --json path to json file containing instructions for individual files
--json_dir path to directory to be searched for json files for processing
--video path to video file to be processed
--output_name if processing a single video, its output file name can be specified here
--video_dir path to directory to be searched for video files for processing
--video_suffix if specifying a directory of videos, suffix to search for when searching for video files
--output_dir path to directory where processed videos will be saved

bitrate of the processed video file e.g. ‘500k’

Default: “750k”


format of output file

Default: “avi”


whether to convert video to black and white

Default: True


brightness level between -10 and 10

Default: 1


desired output frames per second

Default: 30


Set the contrast expression. The value must be a float value in range -1000.0 to 1000.0.The default value is ‘1’

Default: “1”


Overwrite output file if it exists

Default: True


print the call command to the terminal

Default: False